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Your aid is greatly appreciated!
Every purchase YOU make from helps provide a vital resource to people in Africa. Because of YOU, we are bringing clean water to diverse communities across Africa. YOUR support for a reliable source of water is making the lives of African women easier.
Until now, we have helped bring water to 45,000 people in Africa.
Four water wells have been built in Burundi, Mali, and Chad thanks to your support and our collaboration with the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. We are now planning to build five more wells in Ghana, Burundi, Uganda and Zimbabwe during this Ramadan, increasing the number of people accessing clean water from 45,000 to 100,000.
I'm 20 and I have two children. I live with my husband's family and we are a large family. That's why I had to bring more water home than anyone else. Sometimes, I had to go out twice a day to get water. It was always muddy. We had to wait for the mud to sink before we could drink it, but the taste of the water was still bitter. The well is near now. When we wake up, my husband goes to work and I take care of house chores. Anybody in our home can get water now, so I'm able to spend more time with my children.
I'm 24. I had to look for water since I was a child. For years, all I wanted was to live near a water source. Before, I could easily spend six hours searching for clean water. The weather is hot here, finding water has always been hard. Those days are behind us now. It's been a year since we can get water from a well. I've got six children; I'm able to take care of them now.
I don't know my age, my dad knew. I started to look for water before I was married. After I got married, I was bringing water to my husband's family. It was really tiring; those were the bad days. Water cans were too heavy, it was hard to carry them; but still, I had to bring them home. Sometimes I had to walk seven kilometres for water. Now the well is just next to me, so I can get water in the morning and bring it to the field. I've got six children; they can get water even if I'm not home.
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